Selection Process

The selection procedure is concerned with securing the relevant information about the applicant. The main objective of the selection procedure is to see whether the applicant meets the qualifications for a specific job and to choose the one who best fits in. There are various factors effecting selection, decisions and there are a number of steps, which have to be followed for selection right from job analysis to employment. There are certain recent trends which have evolved in the selection procedure. After the selection has been done there is a placement & Induction programme. The various types -of psychological tests, which aid in selection, have also been discussed here. The style of conducting interview, the types of interviews and the kinds of questions to be asked-are discussed.

Selection Process

After the personnel needs of the organization have been identified and the job analysis is conducted the organization will clarify the characteristics of the jobs to be filled and the individual's qualities necessary to do these jobs successfully. The organization now starts the recruitment process, in which it, calls for a pool of qualified applicants. After the applications have bee.p received, they are thoroughly scrutinized on the basis of the job requirements and the people who would fit into them.

All this process of recruitment and selection would be a costly affair and in case the organization does not select the right candidates, they would be wasting huge amounts on the selection procedure and training. Therefore proper selection of employees is a necessary factor for any organization. If the selection procedure is effective it would save the organization a-large expenditure and ensure that the new recruits will serve the organization for a longer period of time.

Thus the selection procedure would not be effective until and unless the following are clearly stated i.e.

  1. After the job analysis is done the requirement of the job to be filled, should be stated i.e. what type of job is available and who should be considered for it.
  2. Employees specifications regarding his physical, mental, social and behavioural aspects should be stated. Whether a physically handicapped can be considered or a mentally challenged borderline cases can be taken, workforce for senior citizen, blind, deaf and dumb etc. should also be specified.
  3. For a selection to take place a sufficient number of candidates should also be attracted.
Therefore for effective selection procedure the necessary prerequisites are a proper development of a job analysis, human resource planning and recruitment. A breakdown in any of these processes will make the selection procedure ineffective.

Essentials of Selection Procedure 

The selection process can be successful if the following requirements are satisfied:

  1. The organization should decide as to how much workforce is required after the analysis of the workload is done for e.g. Part time Lecturers etc.
  2. Comprehensive job description and job specification should be stated. Like what are the necessary jobs that the person must perform' must be specified. Suppose he is a typist what is his job description and other specification should be stated clearly. This will enable the organization to establish some standard against which his performance can be compared.
  3. There must be sufficient number of applicants from which the required number of employees may be selected.

Selection Procedure

Since the selection procedure is concerned with securing relevant information about an applicant, there are a number of steps or stages to secure this 1 information. The main objective of a selection process is to see whether an applicant will meet the qualifications for a specific job and then choose those who are most likely to perform well in that job. Thus they are essentially a series of methods or steps or stages. through which additional information about an applicant is obtained and at each stage, we may gain some information, which may enable us to take a decision about selecting or rejecting an applicant.

In this procedure, the applicant must cross a series of successive hurdles or barriers. They are intended to serve as screens and they are designed to eliminate an unqualified applicant at any point of time. This technique is called as "Successive hurdles technique". This is not necessarily used in all selection process:

Significance of Selection Procedure: This process enables the organization to attain its goals effectively and to develop a dynamic environment. If the right person is selected, the other functions of the personnel manager would become easier. The employee's contributions and commitment will be to the optimum level and the employer  employee relation would be congenial. If a right person is selected he becomes an asset to the organization.

However, before the selection procedure start the line staff executives should discuss as to what kind of candidature is required.

Using selection agencies or consultants there are some private agencies or consultants who perform the recruitment and selection. They advertise, conduct test group discussion and interviews and provide a list of candidates to the organization.

The organization has to be careful as to which agency or consultants they will be using. They should take care that these agencies have:

  1. Good reputation and are effective, sincere and punctual.
  2. The amount of fee that they will charge.
  3. Whether they are objective, fair and just in selection
  4. What sort of selection techniques they are adopting-particularly, the psychological test and other methods like interview, Group discussion, peer rating etc.
  5. The kind of Human Resource-the agency has.
The organization on the other side should provide the following information:

  1. Brief the agency about the requirements, terms and conditions of employment.
  2. Provide the job specification and employee specification.
  3. Check the draft of advertisement.
  4. Ensure that all arrangements are made for conducting tests and interviews.

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