What is Adjustment?

It is compulsory for man to adjust according to the situation to lead a successful life. Person has to face many favorable as well as adverse conditions. Every person try to adjust in these conditions as per their capability. Some people successfully face the adverse conditions while some fails and lose their mental stability. These people are victim of frustration, mental conflict and stress. These affect the mental and physical health. So to understand the problems related to personality adjustment, meaning of adjustment, maladjustment, frustration, meaning of conflict and stress, reason and methods to resolve will be discussed here.

What is Adjustment?

Meaning of Adjustment—Adjustment is called fine-tuning, correction and amendment also. Adjustment is made by combining two words - connection and Events. Likely means well - like, well, that means the system or society ie well as arranging and organizing. Adjustment means well managed or the process of making things comfortable so that the requirements of man can be pleased and mental conflicts can be avoided. This universal truth can’t be ignored that like other species human being also have its own requirements or needs. These requirements motivates person to achieve his goals and makes him to move ahead. When person gets his objectives easily he finds pleasure. But when he has to face difficulties on the way then he finds it a nasty experience, which is called as frustration. Thus, when a person has to face the powers force against his wills and interests in that situation mental conflict arise within his mind. Thus as a result of frustration and mental conflicts stress get birth. Due to this stress a certain kind of disorder took place in his mind, then he try to eliminate difficulties to eradicate stress. If he get success in to eliminate these difficulties by remaining within situations and creativity, it means he have established adjustment with environment. If he gets failed in this process and adopts erroneous way then it gives birth to Maladjusted. Generally this process of adjustment is continuous during the life of a person. Gates and others write the meaning of ‘adjustment’ as there are two meanings of the word ‘adjustment’ at one hand it is a continuous process in which a person get changes in his behavior to coordinate with environment. On the other hand adjustment is a well-balanced state after reaching which we say the person is well managed.

To know the process of adjustment more clearly we should know about the characters of well adjusted person and maladjusted person.

Characteristics of well adjusted person: Following characteristics can be seen in a well adjusted person on the basis of definition of adjustment and on the analysis of behavior:

  1. A well adjusted person acquires the knowledge of surroundings and situations and has control over them and behaves accordingly.
  2. He makes a balance between him and surroundings. 
  3. He consumes the surroundings and things according his needs and determination.
  4. He does not hurt other people of society for execution of his own desires.
  5. Maintains his working ability even in complex situations and remains content with it.
  6. He has the feeling of socialism, good behavior, well balanced from the view of sentiments and is always ready to accept responsibility.
  7. He has clear objectives and is able to face difficulties bravely and in proper way.
In the same way Gats and Other write that, In short, the Well adjusted person is one, whose needs and satisfaction in life are integrated with a sense of social feeling and an acceptance of social responsibility.

Characteristics of Maladjusted Person: A maladjusted person can be identified by following characters:

  1. Maladjusted person is incapable to develop him according to the surroundings.
  2. He is of unfixed mind, unstable mind, unbalanced from the view of sentiments, undefined objectives and he is the feeling of enmity, hate and revenge. 
  3. He is unsocial, selfish and remains miserable.
  4. He loses his mental balance while facing little problem.
  5. Victim of nerve diseases, full of mental conflict and stressful. 
From above characteristics we came to know that maladjusted person is full of mental conflicts and frustration. Actually both the two (mental conflict and frustration) are more obstructive on the way of adjustment of person. In short, it is good to understand meaning, cause and results of these.

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