Training of Logical Thinking

Mental power of child develops only with the help of reasoning and thinking. Therefore in education for thinking-process it is important to develop logical-power. Following things to be consider for logical thinking-power of children:

  1. Present the Proper Problem: For logical thinking expected problem should present to him by considering his past experience, mental and educational level. 
  2. Development of Concentration, Attachment and Research: Teacher should avail required opportunities for the development of these tendencies. Logical thinking cannot be made in the absence of these tendencies.
  3. Present the Practical Problems: The problems present in front of students should be related to their current practical life and should be useful.
  4. Use of Proper Teaching-Techniques: in the development of logical thinking power problem based activities such as, project-activities, question-answer-process and Speech competition, debate competition, discussion programs are very helpful. Reasoning power is used in these and required opportunity for the development of imagining power and conceptual thinking are available.
  5. Principle of Innovation: To encourage the interest for a problem within children new problems should be presented. They should avail the opportunities to ‘learn by doing’ and learn by experience’ and they should be motivated for it.
  6. Deep Study of Subject: Children should be motivated for the deep study of the related subjects according to the situation and requirement. It helps in the development of logical-thinking.
  7. Use of Inductive Process: Teacher should use inductive process for teaching syllabus. Teachers should not put the solution of a problem, infect should ask to the students for solution. This process develops the maximum logical-thinking.
  8. Scientific use of Reasoning and Problem-Solution: Teacher should teach about the scientific-process of reasoning. Students themselves can consider a principle with the help of this process. 

Meaning of Problem-Solving

Problem-solution is an important part of reasoning. It has been cleared that the aim of reasoning/argument is the solution of a problem. Stanley Grey has defined problem-solution as: “Problem-solving is a process of overcoming difficulties that appear to interfere with the attainment of a goal.

D.V. have explained about five reasoning situations and reasoning is called as logical-thinking. It is explained earlier. Problem is solved only with the help of logical thinking. 

Methods of Problem Solving

Problem solving has following methods:

  1. Solution of problem without learning and by nature/behavior: the species of lower section use this kind of method to solve their problem. For example, snake and Honey Bee are always ready to sting for their protection.
  2. Trial and error Method: Tharndike used a cat and confirmed that animals solve their problem by trial and error. Similarly when men try to solve a problem at that time a process of trial and error runs in the mind of men in the form of thinking which is problem related, out of which any one solution solve his problem. 
  3. Perception Method: problem can be solved by this process. In this relation the experiment made by Koehler on chimpanzee is remarkable.
  4. Scientific Method: today scientific method is used for problem-solution in every field. In this work is done in a well managed manner from the beginning to the end. In this first of all the problem related facts are collected by actual inspection, after that grouping of the facts made according their similarities and finally a conclusion is brought out by analyzing it.
At the end we can say that training of logical thinking should be given in education. Teacher should be well trained in scientific method of problem-solving and it should be used for every subject and levels as per the requirement. 


  • Thinking-process has an important role in the development of the world. Human being is considered as the best amongst all the species only because of thinking-power. It is a thinker by nature. This power is a god gift to him. According to the psychology thinking is a mental process in which sensation, obviousness, concentration, memory and imagining are involved. 
  • The mental process, in which we use the conclusions of our past experience to face new situations and to solve a problem, is called ‘thinking’.
  • Thinking is a cognitive process. It includes conceptual and imaginary knowledge. In other words, thinking or thoughts is involved in every mental activity of a person. It is the mental process of a person that makes us ready to face a new situation. Because of the thinking a person can think of a possible event or draw a picture in mind and tries to adjust according to the situation. Animals solve their problems by trying and mistake. But human beings complete this process at ideational level. Symbols or language is used to solve the problem at the time of thinking. 
  • Psychologist said about the following types of thinking: Obvious thinking, imaginary thinking, conceptual thinking, and logical thinking.
  • In the field of education thinking is the important activity of human mind. Thinking has the highest post in mental development. It is very important to develop thinking power for the smooth functioning of educational activities. 
  • Reasoning is the best form of thinking. Reasoning is a process of thinking, the concepts earned in it are used to define a situation and for solution. When a problem arises then a person needs to consider about it. In this situation of reasoning-thinking arises.
  • Getting a conclusion is the major element of reasoning. To reach on a conclusion it is important to have a well organized mental activity and managed reasonable thinking process.
  • Mental power of child develops only with the help of reasoning and thinking. Therefore in education for thinking-process it is important to develop logical-power.

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