Nature of Education in Adolescence

It is clear from the study of characteristics of adolescence that it is a period when a tide of power rises within child. The correct phase of education should be concern to use this power in better manner, which is helpful in satisfying his needs. Here we will discuss about nature of education:

  1. Education for Physical Development: Physical growth took place very quickly at the stage of adolescence. Height increases. Exercises should be practiced in schools for complete growth of body. Along with this special attention should be given to sports.
  2. Training of Emotions: Strong impacts of fear, stress, guilty, love etc. can be found within adolescent. Adolescents show their impacts in various forms. Emotions and momentum of adolescents should not be criticized. Momentum of adolescence should not be suppressed. Teachers should pay attention to the correction of their momentum. Adolescents take interest in study of poem, music; novels, story, and play etc. teacher should be attention towards the correction of these momentums at the time of teaching these subjects. Accordingly arrangements should be made for the transfer of momentum. It should be motivated to serve nation, religion and society. 
  3. Moral Education: Adolescent keeps in psychological quarrel. Therefore it is important to tough them moral education. Moral education should be practical instead of principal. Students should do the practice of truth, self-control, responsibility, justice and punctuality etc. Teachers should also present example in front of students.
  4. Vocational Guidance: Generally adolescents are worried about their future. It is the responsibility of the school to guide student to choose occupation. In a country like India, where the problem of unemployment is very high selecting an occupation is very difficult task. Teacher should introduce students with various occupations during their education.
  5. Motivation to Read good Literature: Psychologists believes that adolescents are highly interested in studies. At this stage they should be advised to which kind of literature they should study. They should be inspired to study the biography of great people and literature of fine quality. 
  6. Development of Social Traits: Social values should be developed within adolescents so that they can participate in the process of reestablishment of the society. Adolescents also have the feeling of grouping. Teachers should emphasize on group studies in schools, it can develop values like love, cooperation, coordination etc. within them. By the means of project method the quality of responsibility can be develop within students. It can also develop the quality of leadership. A democratic country like India needs the people who are eligible to provide good leadership. Therefore in such countries emphasis should be to make people social and capable to take independent decision. 
  7. Use of Proper Teaching Techniques: At the stage of adolescence the development of mind is on the peak. His all the mental abilities develop fully. Therefore teachers should adopt that teaching technique in which students can get full opportunities for the practice of self assessment, self examining, and thinking and debating. At this stage also full concentration should be made on learning. Imagining power of adolescent also develops. Means teacher can also use it. Students should be provided with opportunities for self-representation. For this co-educational programs should be organized in schools.
  8. Self Discipline and Self Control: Discipline should not be strictly impose at the period of adolescence. Adolescents oppose the control over them and create the problem of indiscipline. They should be motivated for self-governance. Discipline committee should be organized within schools and some student representatives should be appointed in that. Management of all the programs to be organized in college should be managed by students. This develops responsibility within them and they learn self control. 
  9. Behavior of Teacher: Behavior of teachers affects students deeply. An adolescent should not be treated as a child. Most of the parents treat their adolescents like children. This behavior irritates adolescents. Teachers should treat adolescents as an adult. They should have love and sympathy towards adolescents. This creates stability in the momentum of adolescents and they are inspired to do work. Skills of social behavior of adolescent develop. 
  10. Sex-Education: A high tide of sexual feeling arises during adolescence. Many of the problems of an adolescent are caused by sexual-feelings. This creates in-stability in the behavior, momentum and interest etc. of an adolescent. Scholars believe that there should be arrangements for sex-education of adolescents. An attempt for creating a positive view towards sex should be made through sex-education. Conflicts arise at two points of sex –education: first is that what should be the structure of sex-education and second what should be the appropriate manner for sex-education. 

Initial stage of adolescence is full of fear and excitement. Wet dreams occur in boys at adolescence. Due to which his semen falls. Menstruation starts within girls due to which bleeding took place within them. As they are unaware of it, both of them are afraid of it. They believe that it is a kind of disease or symptom of it. Girls feel more humiliation as they have lack of knowledge about periods. Therefore in this situation knowledge about the structure of reproductive organs, their functions and semen related knowledge should be given to girls before menstruation and to the boys before spermatorrhea. A positive point of view towards opposite sex should be developed within adolescents. They should know about reproduction. But when teaching this, it should be keep in mind that sex-education will not create any adverse feeling within them. Along with this arrangements for moral and behavioral education should be made. Some scholars think that co-education should be emphasized. Co-education removes many sex related roomers can be clarified. Parents at home and teachers at schools should perform this duty.

Teachers should engage adolescents in such creative activities by which their will/path of sex-power can be changed. Literature, art, music, social service etc. are such activities through which the will of sex-power of adolescents can be bisected. 

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