Meaning of Frustration

Meaning of Frustration—Often a person bares various little difficulties and hindrances daily. Most of them can be solved easily. Sometimes such difficulties arises which obstruct the needs of a person, means they create disturbance in execution of his objectives. Person makes efforts to eradicate these disturbances. He feel pleasure while he finally reaches to his goal by eradicating these problems, but when he get failed to reaching his goals by removing hindrances even after making huge efforts then it makes him unhappy and feels failure or disappointment, it is called frustration in the language of psychology. Frustration is called despondency. Thus it is clear that “frustration is that stage of mind of a person that he gets after facing various hindrances and unfavorable alternatives”.
Causes of Frustration—There are various causes and sources of frustration, some of which are as following:

  1. Physical Causes—Whereas the various physical or natural things are available in environment are helpful in pleasing needs and wants of a person, on the other hand various physical elements such as, famine, flood, drought, earthquake etc. proves barriers in execution of needs and wants, that creates despondency within the mind of person.
  2. Personal Causes—Some people or children due to their mental, emotional or physical flaws such as lack of mind, fear, feeling of inferiority, inability, blindness, deafness etc. remains unsuccessful to accomplish their needs and desires. It creates the feeling of un-satisfaction and frustration in mind.
  3. Social Causes—Strict laws, customs, culture, cast, religion and laws are also barrier in the accomplishment of desires and needs of a person, that introduce person with hopelessness and un-satisfaction and he feels obscurity in adjusting with society. 
  4. Economic Causes—One of the major factors of frustration is economic factor. Due to the bad economic conditions a person is unable to fulfill his various desires and needs and could not achieve his goals.
  5. Moral Measurement of Person—There are some moral idols in his life such as non-violence, laying etc. due to which he is unable to accomplish his some needs and desires. For instance, passing an exam is the goal of a student, but difficult question-paper is present in form of barrier on his way. He finds cheating as a way to eliminate this barrier, but at the same time he came to know that it is an offence and pilfering, means it is unethical. He dumped cheating for his moral idol, but gets failed in exam as he could not solve question and feels un-satisfied and despondency.
  6. Current Circumstances and Stages—Due to the social dearness, poorness, unemployment, unsuitable place for living, restless family environment etc. some requirements of child get un-fulfilled, it results as hopelessness. For instance after passing high-school a student wants to get higher education, but due to poorness or due to lack of inter-school his desire remains incomplete and he feels unsatisfied and frustration.
  7. Irrelevant/irregular Needs or Goals—Due to many contrary needs or aim mental conflicts arise, as a result he has to face bleakness. For example a child feel important to go to school and also wants to stay home for the ill ailing father, but out of the two he can opt only one, therefore he will find failure or frustration in not accomplishing other objective.

Adverse Impacts of Frustration—Frustration adversely affects the adjustment of person with development and environment. Some of its adverse impacts are following:

  1. Barrier in the development and adjustment of person.
  2. Instability enters into the emotional situation, due to which he feels confuse and instable. 
  3. Unique personality symptoms.
  4. Smugness and Undisposed.
  5. Increase in mental stress and mental frustration.

Mental Conflict

Meaning of Mental Conflict: A person has various desires, needs and interests, but it is not necessary that all his desires and needs get accomplished. He has to face some adverse situation in surrounding and a certain kind of war starts within his mind. Thus when a person has to choose one out of two opposite objects then he has to face war. For instance a student whose BA final year exams are going to be started next week, he gets an appointment letter in the same week for a job. In such a situation he wants to appear exam as well as job, but finds difficult to choose one of the two alternatives. Some kind of instability arises within his mind. What to do? In psychology this situation is called conflict.

According to L.D. Crow and A. Crow, “Conflict arises when an individual is faced with forces in his environment that act in opposition to his own interest and desires.”

While defining mental conflict Frayed wrote, “Mental conflict is caused by the lack of adjustment between Id, Ego and Supper ego.”

Causes of Mental Crises: A definite list of causes of mental crises could not be presented. There are so many reasons of it, still its main causes are as following:

  1. Biological and Physical Causes—Under this physical elements and biological wishes, such as requirement of food, wish for sex etc. and physical stages are included, that create mental conflict.
  2. Momentum Causes—Satisfaction or un-satisfaction of wills, happiness, sorrow, sex and emotion-glands also create mental conflicts.
  3. Social Causes—A person has to face mental conflicts due to the regulation, customs, culture, moral ethics, behavior, cast, thought and religion of society.
  4. Economic Causes—Even after good economic conditions a person has to face mental conflicts at every step while accomplishing his needs and choosing relevant way of life. 
Adverse Impacts of Mental Conflicts—Due to mental conflicts, barriers are created in general development of person and adjusting with environment and his entire personality get adversely affected. Some of its main adverse impacts are following:

  1. Special Mental Activities—At the stage of mental conflicts all of his mental activities get affected. There is high quantity of un-remembrance, see more dreams and feel difficulty while facing reality.
  2. Showing Un-ordinary Emotions/Momentum—Symptoms of happiness, sorrow, un-encouraging, sadness etc. can be experienced within person differently.
  3. Unsocial Behavior—Seclusion, social-disincline and introversion behavior can be seen. 
  4. Criminal Tendency—At the stage of mental conflict, mental stability of a person get destroyed. He could not what is right and what is wrong and he moves towards social and constitutional offences.
  5. Mental Frustration—Due to the adverse effects of mental conflicts person get nerve diseases and mental stress keeps on.
Entire personality of a person gets affected by above said frustration and mental conflicts and then he gets complexity in adjusting with his surroundings.

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