Causes of Anxiety

The anxiety that take birth in teachers and students turns into horrible form. They also have the same reason, which are produced in any men by the explosion of anxiety. It can be many causes of anxiety. But Coalman has described all of those causes including into three causes in his book ‘Normal psychology and modern life’:

  1. Organic Factors
  2. Psychological Factors
  3. Social Cultural Factors

1. Organic Factors

Polin (1969) and Cohen (1974) have highlighted this factor for the first time. This factor is related to heredity. Under it the age, sex, emotional stress and more fear of man etc are obtained by heredity. The alive example of that as much as the country will be more prosperous, so the anxiety is found in it. heredity is such a factor among the organic effective factors, which is found in the mental patient from birth.

2. Psychological Factors

Coalman has describes two factors under this effective factor:

  1. Defective learning: When any child does not get proper learning. It is natural to produce the feeling of inadjustment in them. This unadjustment slowly keeps him away from the society. Consequently he becomes the victim of frustration, hopelessness, discouragement and depression. Thus defective learning is also an important factor for anxiety.
  2. Obstacles in the progress of man: When some one does not get proper opportunity for doing progress and growing in personal life, definitely he becomes the victim of mental disease. It is natural for him to be the victim of mental disease as- irritation. Above saying all diseases are the main cause of anxiety. It grow it after producing it.

3. Social Cultural Factors

Famous psychologists kidson and johns (1968) have said on the basis of the study on the West Australian people that the people, who live in more civilized country, more anxiety is found in them. While little anxiety is found, where people are not living in educated manner. It is identified that social cultural factors affects anxiety.
Unhappiness is the main reason of it. Coalman has found out on the basis of different researches that in the absence of culture and well conditioning situation, unsatisfaction is maintained towards the life and this unsatisfaction affects the mental condition of man.

There are some others effective causes of anxiety besides the causes, told by Coalman:

(i) Fear
In the starting, Freud (1936) has indicated towards this fact that mental and physical fear is found baseless in the worried man, as the fear of an accident, fear of firing from the job, or the fear of get failure in the examination, etc.

(ii) Long diseases
It is the statement of Coral (1955), when a man is in long disease for a long time, mental seizes take birth in him, as – the feeling of inferiority. As they think- now we will not get well, people are doing unexpected behavior with us etc.

(iii) Deep worry
It has also been concluded on the basis of the researches and study, which has been done on the anxiety. When there is deep anxiety in any man because of some special causes, sometimes after finishing the causes of worry this anxiety is presented in man, for example: after finishing the cause of an accident in the moving train, when he travels in that train again, the fear of reaccident is presented in him.

(iv) Family dispute
Family dispute is also another cause of anxiety. Fight between mother and father, father and son, stress 
between two brothers creates the cause of anxiety.

(v) Strict Punishment
Burt (1947) has said that the fear of strict punishment that is found in school and family is also another 
cause of anxiety in the children. Such children have the tendency of desertion for school in the starting. 
By and by the tendency of desertion towards other works is also found in them.

(vi) Suppression of internal feelings
It can be concluded from the study of Freud that such children, who have introvert personality, anxiety is developed in them because they suppress their feelings, by which frustration and inferiority is developed in them, which is the causes of anxiety.

(vii) Unable to get the desirable things
It is the statement of Morgon that the people , who do not success in getting the desirable things, anxiety naturally takes birth in them. This type of anxiety create because of not getting desirable jobs, money and the girl, whom you loves, gets married with other man.

(viii) The feeling of criminal tendency
This fact came in front of us as the result of the statement of Morgon that anxiety is produced in man due to developing criminal tendency in man.
(ix) Get failure 
Often it is seen that the child, who always gets failure in any work. it is natural for him to get frustration, this frustration take the place of anxiety. When any student gets failure in the examination of class again and again, he is filled with frustration and moving forward this frustration turned into anxiety.

(x) Other factors
Ese (1952) has said about the cause of anxiety that more smoking, unable to get expected help from friends, insulted by the family and society, feeling of insecurity, selfish, feeling of inferiority and more doubted mentality etc affected man indirectly and directly and filled him with anxiety.

Characteristics of Anxiety

Different psychologists have told different characteristics of anxiety, which are following:

(1) Directionless
Freud has said that the man, who is filled with anxiety, he cannot make a definite goal in any works, because anxiety is a characteristics in itself. It is unstable, goalless, and baseless.

(2) Baseless
Freud considers it that anxiety is a baseless fear, means there is no solid basis of anxiety. Sometimes worried man does not know himself that why is he worried? But he is worried.

(3) Anxiety is Internal
Anxiety is the condition of mental movement, so it is mainly internal. A man can feel it but if he is told to express his desire he cannot do it properly. Besides it thee is one another characteristics of anxiety. That it is completely personal.

(4) Anxiety is aroused without any causes
There is no solid basis of anxiety. It comes itself it is the important characteristics of it. And it is arisen without any reasons. or which are the reasons, they are not quite clear.

(5) Difficulty in taking decision 
Anxiety adds with some characteristics as- causeless, baseless, and goalless, so it natural for the man, who is worried, to have arisen the dual mentality. The man, who is filled with anxiety, cannot take decision that what is wrong and what is right, he feels difficulties in taking decisions of dual feeling, in which man is trapped in the pawn of anxiety.

(6) Anxiety is filled with emotion 
Anxiety makes a man more emotional means the men who is filled with anxiety cannot feel movement in the changes of physical and mental and social condition, consequently it is considered the characteristics of anxiety.

(7) Anxiety is shapeless
Anxiety is an abstract thinking, the statement of the psychologists as- Freud, “in fact the man, who is filled with anxiety cannot think it that why is he worried, consequently there is no form of it.

(8) Anxiety is added with mental excitement
Mental excitement is one of the characteristics of anxiety. As much as the anxiety, so the mental excitement or it can be said that as soon as mental excitement grows, anxiety will also grow, because anxiety is a mental movement in itself.

(9) Lack of intelligence skill
Anxiety is inspired by fear, baseless and daydreaming, by which anxiety man lives in more mental and physical stress. So intelligence skill can be developed in such men, but there is lack of intelligence in them.

(10) Sufficiency of dreams filled with the future doubts
Psychologists as Coalman have confirmed that due to anxiety, such dreams come during the time of sleeping, in which the doubts of future play its games. Such dreams are added with especially failure and convict.

(11) The feeling of inappropriate is developed
Anxiety arises the feeling of inappropriate in man itself. This feeling can be related to the educational, family, social and any other matter. This feeling is the symbol of self inferiority.

(12) Disorder affect
Anxiety creates undeveloped environment in the field of both life of specific and general, as feeding, living, thoughts, learning-teaching and disorder and instability is found completely in the field of life.

(13) Other
There are many characteristics of anxiety except it, as- living fearful, lack of concentration, excess of selfishness, soon restlessness and desire less etc are the development of the feeling is the characteristics of anxiety. 


  • It is natural for a man to be fearful. Sometimes he gets worried and fearful with the curse of god and goddess and other times worried with personal and social problems. Freud (1939) considers the conflict between Id, ego and super ego as the important cause of anxiety.
  • In fact anxiety is curse for human life, when it is out of control. When a little bit anxiety is told necessary for the development of man, on the other side, out of control anxiety is the cause of destruction of man. Especially it is dangerous for the teachers, trainers and the students of school.
  • The anxiety that take birth in teachers and students turns into horrible form. They also have the same reason, which are produced in any men by the explosion of anxiety.

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